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Stud and Track

  • suitable for commercial buildings
  • suitable for domestic buildings
  • non load-bearing partitions

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Metal Furring System

  • suitable for commercial buildings
  • suitable for domestic buildings
  • high performance ceiling with fire protection

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Wall Lining System

  • dry lining commercial buildings
  • dry lining domestic buildings
  • can be used with all types of plasterboard

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Steel Formed Sections

Welcome to the website of Steel Formed Sections, Ireland’s largest supplier of cold rolled sections for the internal partition and ceiling trade.  Our reputation for quality, reliability, performance and service, together with a product range designed to meet all our customer needs, have established SFS as the most dynamic and progressive force in the cold rolled sections market.  The commitment of SFS to innovation and continuous investment guarantees that while satisfying the requirements of today we are fully prepared for the changes and challenges of tomorrow.